Here, in the "" file, are some examples of grants that I wrote when I was a teacher. You'll see they range from $250 to about $6000. They also include some I wrote as an individual and others I wrote in collaboration w/others. Most are focused on giving me resources to teach lessons/units that I otherwise couldn't do as well, but the Lenny Zakim ones are focused on creating a grade-wide "Eighth Grade Academy" to increase performance among our whole eighth grade student body. So there are some school-transformation examples here in addition to "give me money for a field trip" kinds of examples. Finally, there are some very schematic grant-writing tips and a planning worksheet.

Please post your own examples of successful grants, or tips for finding and writing grants! Also, if you have links to granting organizations, web sites that invite teachers to post miniproposals, etc., please throw them on here!

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